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Wait. Now
easily forgotten, or so it seems,
and there are two more weeks left
but why wait if you can forget me
if only I could catch an earlier flight
and skip a few lousy
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 0 0
Who the Fuck is Jenny?
I stroll upon lines of a parallel life
as though my own has a minimal meaning.
I've prescribed for myself
a narcissistic blend of simple words.
Behind my closed eyes
she breathes like fire
on frozen wood.
I sink into moments that I don't have
with her.
She's probably not even real,
just flesh and bones.
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Mother Nature Has a Fever
I should have eaten the berries
you sucked from the bushes.
Should have opened the box of my
human consciousness.
Your wilderness
migrated to the northernmost point,
where you sit and you knit.
(I've been here before)
And I walk close beside you,
but never close enough.
I think I know you from a heaven.
(You can't possibly be human)
I should have taken what you offered,
instead my words crawl into dead endings.
But when a long night replaces
a longer day,
I'll keep the heart empty for you.
I'm down on my feet,
crying for you -
"There is no tomorrow".
So let us stop here.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 0 0
The Night is an Alcoholic
Lips move in slow motion
as if they were avoiding words.
Underneath a moon
we all look the same;
the streets crawl the same.
I swallowed the one song
that twists my heart.
(streetlights' choreography
is remixing the flow.)
Drifting on wheels
were accidents meet
and ignite the loose ends
that we always
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 3 0
In Search of a Journey
I was looking for a journey
or a place to return to.
I wanted to consume the warmth
and not to feel my own skin.
My words are dots, and
who are you?
Who are we going to be today?
Creatures of a lifetime.
I don't want my tears to speak,
nor to speak through them.
They should be left
(silent, like candles)
and I want someone
to contain me,
Contaminate me.
and never turn my wishes into
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 0 0
Flat, They've Already Lost Their Blood
Machinery eyes hunting a forest.
Wolves hide with the falling snow.
Sounds have replaced
the third dimension.
Wheels just move.
They never turn.
A shattering  scene in
an incessant background.
Yet the blood was lost
long before glares met.
The comfort of slowing breaths;
the terror in between them.
A pulse, a pause.
The wild is well aware.
Frame the woods
for they are silent and still
and one with the snow,
one with the wolves.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 0 0
Karma for Your Asthma
A spider's sting beneath my tongue.
I lick walls made of glass.
My saliva is absorbed,
but my body cannot pass.
I listen to the heavy, to the slow
and the severed.
Drawing the unknown
on the ceiling of a desert.
Knitting plans, chewing stings.
Accidents fly upon oxygen wings.
I inhale the disappointment
and cough out the cheapest karma.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 2 1
Smell the electricity
of the storm in her eyes,
as the night collects her
You're building something in the sky.
I can hear music spilling from
the records you break,
the chords that you take.
Your whisper recites a haven on earth.
A masquerade hovering,
Governing the heavens.
From below I await
your ladder to descend,
and write manifests
upon screens instead.
In my daylight delirium  
metaphors fall like meteors through
a gushing aphrodisiac sky.
And I open my mouth wide and devour
the fruits that spring from your eye.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 2 0
Fix the Sky
The moon is crueller than yesterday.
Its light turned selfish
and its surrounding stars
became refugees of
a burdening aura.
You look for clues
Behind what's obscene,
when the scene
Is right above you.
It's not you, it's them.
Don't choke upon the smoke
That they stitch into your kitsch.
There's a solitude hidden between
twinkling stars,
and you fell like a meteor, a metaphor,
and chased the cruel moon away.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 0 0
I want to be reckless in a stream of
To glue my body to rivers of
orange joice.
To drown, but not to suffocate.
To breathe easily, slowly.
The taste of sweet words
upon my tongue
like little frozen grapes
in a cooled Martini glass.
Summer's here.
Where are my grapes?!
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 0 0
A Lesson in Statistics
Fishnets around the heart;
I conjure wars into my veins.
I stick my tongue out
like a plague of snakes.
Nostrils expand beneath rainy eyes.
And I don't want to leave.
The morning is so far away
and I don't want to leave.
So I plug myself to the wall,
and scratch my nails
down no one's back.
And still they come,
clear as hopes,
solid as endings.
They come
and I sink
in the swamps they leave
Mark me as their creator
and leave me as a grave.
Then sit and stare and look
beyond the statistics of depression.
I'm sure you'll find a lucky number.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 1 1
A Sing Along
Spiders hum poems on cobwebs.
They build churches upon seams
where priests become trees
and graves deprived of their corpses.
I sing along
and stretch beyond
what calls me,
disappear behind despair
like a valley in mist.
I walk on the tips of my toes;
My shadow is running.
I charge my gun with changes
and ignore the ignorance.
Salt on your wounds,
breaths on your prayers.
No blood to abide.
And I sing along
and stretch beyond
what awaits me,
vanish behind anguish
like an echo in dunes.
A smile at the spiders,
as they lick sugar crosses,
as their cobwebs dance
in delight
in the night.
And I sing along
and sail beyond
my running shadow.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 2 7
In the speed of light
we saw dreams spitting headlines
upon the foreheads of emotions.
We wanted to collect the breaths of a narrow night,
but remained only with words.
We attached pens to our veins
and formed the shape of a fist.
We danced so fast
that we turned into one
and swallowed the nightmare
behind the headlines.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 0 0
Where Seas Collide
A deep mystery in a deeper night.
Seas collide beneath a skyline of frost
and loneliness becomes a cloud
that is stitched upon them
like a sick doll.
An army of people hum a tune
with eyes rolling
like wheels of a deathly chariot.
Shadows in the woods of my heart
haunt the aorta of the zombie-like.
Chase the tune away!
From my circle of mockery,
their sickle of enmity.
Chase the tune away!
Until it becomes surreal
like I was yesterday.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 0 0
Your words might be eloquent,
but their obsession isn't elegant.
Bones walk on stones
and they collapse beneath the maps
of the veins you fail to scale.
Dreams are night's creatures
and you've become their teacher.
Thoughts are day's nightmares
and you've become their master.
Promises and waves broke beneath your knaves
and the blood in the deeps, just like the oil that seeps,
Corrupts. Destructs. Erupts.
Scream your eloquent abuse,
seduce and words you always use.
The teacher's become a preacher,
and we drown within fascist nouns.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 2 1
She's the Ghost of a Future
I want to have the sweetest sleep with you,
to explore the wrinkles upon your skin,
to watch you think, blink
and gaze at the world
like the ghost of a future.
Tea and blood;
Fake as leather
Iconic   ironic
through a
Disease   a tease.
Honest as black holes
Dreamy   teary
like a
Symbiosis   hypnosis
Lipsticks crawl on
Pop art of
The misfits
Culture vultures
The Duckess of madness
"I'm a garden, not a desert".
A photosynthetic pervert.
The sinister synthesiser
of authentic aesthetics.
into the mash.
I'm taming words
killing rhymes.
You steal my hours
twist my times.
Lay your voice
upon my spine.
I want you in my
bed or shrine.
The sweetest sleep with you
is mine.
:iconx-lesbian-x:X-lesbian-X 5 2



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